At alt500 we can see the vital role that education must play in crypto’s journey to mainstream adoption. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, but very few understand what it does and how it is unique. Even fewer know anything about altcoins and their role in the crypto ecosystem. We are here to educate people in 500 words on the basics of crypto, Bitcoin and altcoins! We always love to receive suggestions of altcoins for us to cover, so if you are passionate about a project or would like to find out more, drop us an email using the contact form below and we will consider a write up for it! We aim to be factually correct when publishing any information about a project- if you have any concerns about the content on our page, get in contact with us and we will edit it when appropriate.

We are a small team of university graduates from the UK, and any money generated through affiliate links goes into managing the website and growing the content we have on offer!

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